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Project development

A 1.0 version is always an important milestone for a project and pLog is no different case. We have been thinking about restructuring the project development to split it into several different teams. As the project grows every task needs more attention and the current small development team tried to fill all the gaps in the best way they could but it is almost impossible for a such a small team to take care of all tasks required for a project as big as pLog has become. It has been decided to group tasks into subprojects and each subproject will be taken care of by a specific team. Positions are open so we would like to invite everyone who can collaborate in any way to join pLog development. It does not really matter how many time you have available to spend on the project as any contribution will be welcome :)
UPDATE: I have created some new sections in the forum to communicate all the different team members. I have also added a topic fo each one of them outlining what needs to be done.

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In order to have version 1.0 ready we need to make some "marketing & design" stuff. We think that the project is mature enough to be used by a wide range of users and now that it is stable and [almost] feature complete, we need to focus a little bit more on the end user. This means more information on the pLog project page, a nicer and friendlier administration interface with everything simplified and restructured to make it easier and more logical to use, and also some more nice templates...

Here is a draft of initial teams to be created, their tasks and their basic TODO list for version 1.0.

Core development team

Responsible of core development of new features and maintenance of the core classes.

  • Adapt new the administration interface to the new design and restructure its options to make it more logical and easier to use for the average user.
  • Improve the base framework. --already assigned--
  • Lots of bug fixing. --we need lots of help here, but beta testing rounds will help--

Design & templates team

pLog needs an attractive and homogeneous image all across the project, so a team exclusively dedicated to designing is needed. It will be the responsible of creating an image for the project (web, administration...)

pLog also needs some more custom well designed and attractive templates to ship with the basic package, we need to set up a team of developers who will take care of designing these templates for the project and maintain them, adding new features as needed. We feel that we we do not need dozens of templates, so a reduced but very well designed set of templates should suffice.


  • Design a new logo for the project --already assigned--
  • Design a new image for pLog that includes:
  • pLog project page
  • pLog administration new design --already assigned--
  • Develop a set of attractive templates for pLog.
  • Try to make the wiki and the forums follow the same design as the rest of the project pages.

Web & documentation team

This team will be responsible of maintaining the project website, the project wiki and the end-user documentation

  • We need to renew our web offering a more attractive image and more contents, so we need to create some new sections for the average user making some "marketing" of pLog, ...
  • Make sure that the documentation is always up to date and describes the latest features

Support team

Though taking care of our users is a task that we take very seriously, supporting them has become one of the tasks that slowed pLog development, mainly because the development team did almost everything. It is clear that we need to set up a support team who will be responsible of looking after the forums and see to it that as many problems as possible get answers and solutions. We think the best way to support users and answer their questions is using our forums, so they will remain as our main support system. Also, due to the success of the Spanish and Chinese section of the forums, we would like to offer more "localized" forums to users who are not fluent enough or do not feel comfortable with English. The forums are already running in UTF-8 so adding more languages should be a breeze.


  • Add interested users to the moderators team
  • Create more language specific forums (other than Spanish and Chinese)

Internationalization team

One of pLog's best-selling features, from the very beginning, is localization so we need to create a team who will be responsible of creating and coordinating the translations of pLog.


  • Have as many languages pack as we can for version 1.0.

Plugins & Tools team

The new version wil feature an extremely powerful and flexible plugin system so that we can finally make true the dream of having a suitable blogging platform that does not need changes to the core classes to allow features. The new plugin framework has been finalized and is already available in the development version and those of you interested could start working on new plugins straight away. There is not much documentation about the new features available, though 4-5 new plugins have already been created to show how the whole thing works.

As for tools, importers from other blogging systems are also badly needed (specially to port our articles from MovableType), and any other kind of tool to make the "pLog experience" even better would be welcome.


  • Development of new plugins
  • Participate in the improvement of the plugin framework
  • Development of external tools (importers, backup scripts, etc)

Every team could have its own mailing list to discuss its tasks, if needed. In order to coordinate all teams we think the best way is a main developer list that should be enough to talk about all subprojects and how to coordinate tasks that has dependencies between two or more teams.

This was just an initial approach of how to structure pLog development to make it better. We are looking forward to hearing from you and any suggestion will be appreciated. We would like to invite all of you to join the pLog project development to make it the best open source platform available, so please leave a comment here or in the forums if interested in taking care of any of these tasks, or if you would like to help somehow but don't know where to start...

Happy blogging! :)
  1. Comment Internationalization team

    I'm going to do the french translation, even alone.
    I have ideas o how to implement the weblog's vocabulary, so I would like to join the Internationalization team.
    I'll appreciate much more a special category in the forum than a mailing list.
    I also have some suggestions for the other sub-projects.

    Posted by eBlog 18 May 2004, 05:01
  2. Comment french translation

    Quickly responding to the above comment. I'm just finishing the french translation, so it could be a nice idea to join our works together...

    please contact me at [acaradot at lamire dot com] for more.

    greetings from France!

    Posted by Alainc 18 May 2004, 10:43
  3. Comment bug fixing

    I am happy to help out with bug fixing. I suppose if I were running the CVS version instead of 0.3.1, it would make me fix more bugs...

    How stable is the CVS version? I don't mind upgrading all the time, or have something not work for a day or something, but are the additions/patches reasonable well-checked for this project? ie. how careful are the developers? Yes, I know, you guys don't write bugs...

    Maybe the only way to know is to start using it, and see how it goes. I probably should give myself a day or two of using the software before I start screwing things up. (:

    Posted by Jon Daley 18 May 2004, 10:55
  4. Comment No Subject

    I wouldn't mind helping out with beta testing bug reporting - doesn't matter if is public ready for testing as I can place it in a non-public host just to run it through its paces if you prefer

    I have a working knowledge of php and am good in HTML, CSS so I might even be able to help locate the pieces of code causing the bug if/once i find any - tho i dont know if my php knowledge will be enough to contribute alot to their fixes.

    you can get in touch with me at webmaster[at]egeek[dot]co[dot]uk or visit my site and leave me a comment



    Posted by v_Ln 18 May 2004, 11:10
  5. Comment For the translators...

    ...I have just created a forum called "Localization" in the forums, as per eBlog's request. Hope it is what you needed and feel free to use it in your own language to arrange things.

    And for Jon Daley and v_Ln, CVS is at the moment horribly unstable :( Though in a few days a somehow testing version of 0.3.2 should be out and perhaps I could use a few of you instead of making a public beta testing round, since the changes are not too many! Interested?

    Posted by oscar 18 May 2004, 12:42
  6. Comment No Subject

    Oscar - sure I can give it a go if you want :)

    Posted by v_Ln 18 May 2004, 16:16
  7. Comment I can help too!

    Web & documentation team
    This team will be responsible of maintaining the project website, the project wiki

    "and the end-user documentation"

    Make sure that the documentation is always up to date and describes the latest features

    *** :) I am good at documentation or writing a manual. I have done this in the past for programs that I either wrote myself or extensively modified. I am slightly fluent in German but have access to "translation" software that helps out there. I have friends in Italy and Germany who can proof for me. I don't know about French. I have not had the opportunity to learn or use this language and I might offend more than help. Any of the oriental languages or arabic languages are way out of my league too. But I can give it my best shot!

    And what is Wiki??? Do I need to know this???

    The more I use pLog, the more I like it. Even with the few "bugs" that I have run across. I think this is a good investment!

    Posted by Marian Wynn 19 May 2004, 10:47
  8. Comment I found Wiki

    Okay. Now I understand. If I help with documentation then Wiki Wiki. Pardon the question. Should have done some research first!

    Posted by Marian Wynn 19 May 2004, 11:12
  9. Comment version 0.3.2

    That sounds good to me. I will have to make a habit of checking the forums and this page more often, I am bored at the moment, so thought about looking here. (:

    Posted by Jon Daley 19 May 2004, 12:37
  10. Comment Your blog is good

    However, I tested it. some problems found:
    Why each time a user go to the plog homepage will get admin's log as default. It is ok but there is no register link in the page.

    And take a look at my page , why the message is messed there.

    Posted by welcomebo 19 May 2004, 18:20
  11. Comment No Subject

    oooh this is nice. count me in making designs. :)

    Posted by thepoet 20 May 2004, 02:54
  12. Comment Translation to German

    If translation/localization team needs help with translation to or proofreading German - just drop me a line:

    fuze [ AT ] gmx [ DOT ] net

    Altough Markus already did a fantastic job on this one, I know ...

    Posted by fuze 28 May 2004, 14:41
  13. Comment Italian translation in course

    sorry for my english!

    I'm traslating the english locle in italian.
    You can see @!!!

    when finished i will send it to you!

    Posted by Pietro Ricciardi 07 Jun 2004, 10:06
  14. Comment I would like to help with templates

    Hi, I would very much like to help in any way I can with templates or design. I absolutely love plog, and I think I could do a good job for you =)

    Posted by David Sloan 07 Jun 2004, 10:13
  15. Comment No Subject

    J'aimerai bien l'avoir cette traduction ;-)

    Posted by willou 08 Jun 2004, 19:00
  16. Comment Good idea!

    I can join core development team or templates team.

    Posted by Krazy Nio 14 Jun 2004, 01:03
  17. Comment No Subject

    first of all: plog is a great software! Good job!
    That's why I decided to use plog for my personal blogs after testing a lot of other wellknown blogging tools.
    Now I want to contribute to the development, improvement and spreading of plog.
    I think I could't joyn to the web&documentation or the internationalization team.
    I'm a german user of plog, so I could't contribute to the translation of the wiki or other documentations.
    Further I could't imagine to establish a german plog site and a german plog forum to spread the informations about plog to the german speaking users. I think this can help to increase the number of plog users in the german speaking region.
    Please feel free to contact me at
    Happy plogging ...

    Posted by Michael Erdmann 26 Jun 2004, 01:52
  18. Comment Hello

    Hi,maybe I can do the chinese vison of this programe.
    Though I am alone.I think it could not be hard

    Posted by ackie 22 Aug 2004, 08:58
  19. Comment test


    Posted by test 15 Dec 2004, 14:26
  20. Comment Fench

    hey, I could help out with the french version for those of us who use (wanadoo)!!

    Posted by GimP 18 Jan 2005, 19:39