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We are back!

After a few days of being offline, is back. During these days we have moved to a new and more reliable server but sometimes, things don't go as smooth as we all would like them to be... It tooks a while to be back online but here we are again :) The main page and the wiki are up but the forums are not yet, as we've had some problems restoring the old data. We hope that this problem will be sorted out soon!
UPDATE: The forums are back too!

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  1. Comment No Subject

    Happy your back!
    Hope that everething run good now.
    See the forum lost some posts, but the main is there.
    Good work Oscar!


    Posted by artman 26 Jun 2004, 00:03
  2. Comment fsdafasdf


    Posted by fdasfasdf 26 Jun 2004, 03:08
  3. Comment No Subject

    ... nice to see this site back again.

    I want to contribute to this great project.
    See my comment to your post "project development".

    Posted by Michael 26 Jun 2004, 04:17
  4. Comment I am so Happy

    I am so happy you are back. I almost check it every half day ...:D


    Posted by Mark Wu 26 Jun 2004, 09:51
  5. Comment No Subject

    Me too :-) My announcement of the shoutbox plugin is however gone... I suspect a few days of forums activity were lost... Should I rewrite it now or is there more work still to do?

    Posted by Palantir 26 Jun 2004, 10:01
  6. Comment @Palantir

    Everyhting should be stable now so if you could please repost your link to the shoutbox plugin, that would be great :)

    Posted by oscar 26 Jun 2004, 10:39
  7. Comment happy moving

    Vert Great, original think that yr site is hacked .....

    Posted by btfans 26 Jun 2004, 15:02
  8. Comment welcome back

    I'm glad that you guys are back. ^_^

    i'll soon be releasing my old templates on which i used in my own plog. still have to clean out some unwanted stuff and all that. hee-hee

    Posted by thepoet 27 Jun 2004, 19:23
  9. Comment :o


    Posted by :o 28 Jun 2004, 06:10
  10. Comment No Subject

    glad every thing is settled dowm. NOw we can move on.

    Posted by dragon 29 Jun 2004, 10:09
  11. Comment test


    Posted by test 01 Jul 2004, 08:25
  12. Comment No Subject

    ROCK 0N

    Posted by Bob Monkhouse 02 Jul 2004, 05:10
  13. Comment 非常好


    Posted by 中国男孩 02 Jul 2004, 07:50
  14. Comment Oju, peligru

    Tiu, that's rocks, ho vaig a provar.

    Posted by daniel 02 Jul 2004, 10:10
  15. Comment w32randex virus

    the site batwing.gotdns is referenced in the w32randex virus. The ip address given is Non-authoritative answer: internet address =

    This seems to be your site. Should I or you be concerned?

    Posted by Michael 23 Jul 2004, 11:11
  16. Comment No Subject

    nossa gatinha ta muito da hora ta ,.......bejinhuuusss fuiii

    Posted by albert bueno 12 Oct 2004, 15:06
  17. Comment مرحبا


    Posted by هلا 21 Oct 2004, 13:20
  18. Comment No Subject


    Posted by z 07 Nov 2004, 13:23
  19. Comment Thanks


    Posted by wobenben 12 Nov 2004, 07:03