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pLog in the German edition of PHP-Magazine

Thanks to the awesome work by Michael from, the 6.2004 issue of German edition of the well-know PHP-Magazine includes an article by the pLog development team on how to start building your own blogging tool, plus the current version 0.3.2 of pLog in the CD! The article, 10 pages long, can be found in the "Solutions" section starting in page 79 and describes all the basic concepts on top of which pLog is built. There is also some sample working code to apply all the concepts described in the article, starting with MVC and ending with Smarty-based templates and Data Access Objects.

If you can read German and are interested in knowing more about pLog, this is your chance to learn more and to support the project!

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  1. Comment No Subject

    Very cool, Oscar. Though I can't read German, it's still really cool. Good job to both you and Michael.

    Posted by Brad 20 Sep 2004, 11:48
  2. Comment No Subject

    I like the Article, it's really well written and shows, how pLog work, and how Blog-Engines should work ;)

    Also, there's a really cool Article about Semantic Web, means Trackback/Pingsback, Atom- and RSS-Feeds.

    A really nice issue for bloggers, and non-bloggers which want to be ;) Cheers!

    PS: No, that shouldn't be advertising! (because I'm working for S&S, the Publisher of PHP Magazin) I'm just the webmaster & programmer, I'm not responsible for the PHP Magazin or its articles. I'm just a reader, too, like you :)

    Posted by Pierre Minnieur 24 Sep 2004, 09:09
  3. Comment will translate to other languages?

    I'd like to read the article. but I can't read German, and even I amm poor in English. :(

    Posted by lss 30 Sep 2004, 07:47
  4. Comment No Subject

    dick suck

    Posted by rr 04 Oct 2004, 07:57
  5. Comment Jo

    Y si una no sabe ingls qu pasa???? vaya....

    Posted by Pescaita 06 Oct 2004, 14:17
  6. Comment No Subject

    Any translation in Eng ??

    Posted by btfans 08 Oct 2004, 03:07
  7. Comment No translation possible :(

    Unfortunately, we cannot republish the article or any translation of it because we do not own the rights to it anymore... I think we'll have to wait something like 6 months or so!

    Posted by oscar 08 Oct 2004, 03:19
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    Posted by 撒酒风上 12 Oct 2004, 02:12
  9. Comment 好文章


    Posted by 再来 16 Oct 2004, 22:52
  10. Comment 这里也有中国人在回复?


    Posted by 中国心理 28 Oct 2004, 23:01
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    Posted by test 09 Dec 2004, 08:41