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Due to the recent problems we have experienced with, we have moved to a new home: Everything has already been moved so you will find the forums and the wiki in their normal places. As soon as we can solve the problems with, both and will point to the same page... In the meantime, update your bookmarks to our new home!
Regarding project status and development of the next version, there will be interesting news very soon!
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  1. Comment welcome!

    Glad to have you back :-)

    Posted by test 13 Dec 2004, 12:42
  2. Comment No Subject

    For the curious -- what are the problems that you have been having?

    Posted by jondaley 14 Dec 2004, 04:05
  3. Comment nice

    Looks forward to the new version. :D

    Posted by Mandel 14 Dec 2004, 06:30
  4. Comment Forums

    Could someone please go through the forums and update all the links in there, which still point to the old website... ?

    Posted by John 13 Jan 2005, 18:40