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What's New in 1.0

With pLog approaching public beta for 1.0, there hasn't been much news about the new features implemented in the project. Unless you've signed onto the email list or have been in contact with Oscar and other developers, it's a pretty good guess that you, and most of your peers, have very little knowledge regarding what performance and visual improvements the 1.0 development cycle will provide. In fact, taking into consideration the latest releases from wordpress, mt, etc, one might expect a rather unexciting release filled with bugs and upgrading nightmares. Fortunately, pLog has always striven to be a step above the rest; believe me when I tell you that you're in for some incredible enhancements with 1.0.

Still don't believe me? Check it out.

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We've begun a series of articles to gradually get everyone up to speed on what's new in pLog. To start, I've chosen perhaps my favorite enhanced feature: the administrative interface.

First things first, the new interface is beautiful. Simply beautiful. While the 0.3.x interfaces provided a versatile and powerful interface, 1.0 shoots it out of the water. The menus have been streamlined and CSS-templated to balance a new fresh look with quick navigation of options. While there are still some sections being revamped, what's been modified so far looks amazing!

adding users
Old features remain simple, with added settings mixed in.

That's not to say that the interface is just mocked up from 0.3.2 -- in 1.0 there are an astounding number of new features previously unavailable. Generally speaking, these improvements can be lumped into security, cosmetic, and functional tweaks.

As it relates to the administrative interface, one of the more obvious new features relates to the enhanced plugin architecture (another article, another day). Plugins can now add their own menu entries and register new actions within the administrative interface. For example, plugins can access the new security pipeline and attach to events thrown by the core classes (i.e. creating new filters or custom code that is executed in every request) and use them to modify how text is output, how words are spelled, etc. within a single blog, a group of blogs, or globally.

managing locales now with descriptions
Lists of users, blogs, posts, categories, are all viewed in a smoothed out interface.

Site admins will be able to set global defaults, as before, but will also have a host of other options including creating custom URLs, enabling XHTML-validity checking, setting cache-expire times, and enabling subdomain usage for those users with their ownd domain wildcard subdomains enabled. Not last, and certainly not least is the built-in search functions. Oscar has worked quite hard to produce a very powerful search engine and it really shows up even in these early beta stages.

The administrative interface still has more work to be done before 1.0 can leave the beta stages. However, given what's available now, this versatility may be just a few revisions away. The administrative interface has really gone from being a place where users can add posts to a full powered control panel, giving site admins the ability to tweak just about any desired setting. Heck, you can even save your drafts without leaving the "New Post" page (a la GMail!)

That's all I have time to write for you for now, stay tuned for the next teaser update. I'm thinking about writing about some new plugin features and what types of things are possible. Or, if you're interested in something else throw it down in the comments and we'll see what happens. Until next time...
  1. Comment No Subject

    Please tell us about the templating system !

    Posted by eBlog 12 Jan 2005, 23:10
  2. Comment No Subject

    So cool~~~

    Posted by fishy 13 Jan 2005, 08:19
  3. Comment No Subject

    Templates are coming, but first I'll write a bit about posting in 1.0 -- it should be a short one so we'll see.

    Posted by Brad 14 Jan 2005, 23:32
  4. Comment 1.0 help

    I think using question mark icons would be much nicer and cleaner than using the additional text lines like "full_name_help". You could still display the help text as hints when hovering over the icon for those who have hard time foguring out what the icon means :-)

    Posted by user 15 Jan 2005, 18:29
  5. Comment Awesome

    Can't wait. please tell us more about the custom fields as well, when you get the chance. Very interested in how that will be, for posts?, blog info like extra desciptions or about me info?

    Posted by pshadow 16 Jan 2005, 00:08
  6. Comment Upgrade guide..

    Any Information how to upgrade from plog 0.3.2 to Version 1.0 ??


    Posted by NUkecpower 16 Jan 2005, 16:04
  7. Comment Upgrading to 1.0

    upgrading the database structure will be done automatically by the installation script, so no need to worry about that.

    Plugins have changed a bit so a bit of work will be needed to get the old ones working (well in fact not much unless they're really complex)

    And regarding templates, a new file has been added so that we can show results from searches but other than that, old templates should work pretty much without any change.

    Posted by oscar 16 Jan 2005, 17:53
  8. Comment Need simple templates

    I would prefer single, one page, templates like Blogger. In fact, it would be great if someone wrote a tool that could translate Blogger templates to pLog templates. We would open the doors to hundreds of professionally designed templates.

    Posted by MarkoKraljevic 16 Jan 2005, 21:10
  9. Comment When?

    When will the 1.0beta be released to the public? How long to we have to wait still? :) Just curious, just installed my plog 0.3.2 and it seems pretty nice! Keep up the good work!

    Posted by kim 17 Jan 2005, 00:13
  10. Comment Exelent!

    Exelent job guy's!

    Posted by Gustavo 17 Jan 2005, 07:53
  11. Comment Can't Wait...

    From what I have seen from 0.3.2 I am very excited for 1.0b!

    Posted by Dave 18 Jan 2005, 03:45
  12. Comment where can download?

    where can download this 1.0 beta?

    Posted by redtea 19 Jan 2005, 16:21
  13. Comment Postgresql support?

    I'm very curious if there are plans for Postgresql support anytime soon?


    Posted by jeremy 20 Jan 2005, 21:05
  14. Comment PostgresSQL


    we are going to do some cleanup in the data access layer (the one dealing with loading and saving objects from and to the database) in 1.1 to make the sql query more standard and to better use adodb's cross-rdbms capabilities. This will make it easier for us to get true database independence later on, perhaps in 1.3, 1.4 or even 2.0.

    The truth is that we're going to need some help with this, as our experience wit pgsql is quite limited.

    Posted by oscar 21 Jan 2005, 07:37
  15. Comment where download? thanks

    where download this 1.0 beta? thanks

    Posted by winman 21 Jan 2005, 16:49
  16. Comment Simple Important additions

    These are simple but i think are important addionts
    Email this. To email a specific post next to comment, permalink and trackback to email the permalink.
    Human authenitcation of adding comments and email this, by giving a graphical code that has to be entered as text like in registering in yahoo, just to make sure there are no automated bots spamming everyones comments.

    Thank you
    My less than two cents worth.

    Posted by ehab heikal 25 Jan 2005, 05:47
  17. Comment Re: ehab heikal

    people, we're not going to add every single feature under the sun by default. We've spent a great amount of time to make the plugin framework as powerful as possible so that pLog can be extended in ways you cannto even imagine.

    Features like the ones you mention make for very nice plugins but we would like to see some activity from the community. The development team has already been working hard for almost 8 months now in order to make 1.0 the best version of plog ever and perhaps it is time for you users to start helping... create plugins, develop templates, etc. You can't expect us to do all the work, can you? :)

    Posted by oscar 25 Jan 2005, 06:28
  18. Comment User-templates

    If you could create a feature that could be turned on/off to let users create their own layout via html , that would be great.

    Posted by Evera 26 Feb 2005, 05:32
  19. Comment Great script

    I think its one of the best bol script all over the world. Thx you guy's

    Posted by Tom 27 Feb 2005, 17:27