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Posting in 1.0

As part of our continuing series on introducing users to the upcoming beta release of pLog 1.0, here's an extended look at how posting is handled in 1.0. The main function of any article-based website (read: blog) is in publishing text entries. As a result, the pLog team has placed quite a bit of effort into streamlining the drafting, previewing, and publishing of posts in this new version.

< !-- ADS -->
At the top of each section of the administrative interface you'll be greeted by a general navigation bar as well as a section specific navigation bar. If you select "Posts," you'll see a menu displaying options for adding new posts and categories, and managing them as well.

post menu
The "Post" Sub-Menu

As before, you'll have fields for entering a post topic, a post body text, and extended text. These features are pretty standard and you should expect to see them in all releases in the near future. However, aside from visual improvements, there are a few major technical enhancements as well -- we have modified the HTMLArea component to output tags that are XHTML 1.0 compliant, and via plugins we can make the engine support other formats for tags (phpBB, smarty, etc). The plugin has already been implemented and will be available as soon as 1.0 comes out.

post body
General Text Entry with a *few improvements*

If you notice at the bottom of that image, there's a link to add resources. This nifty features allows you to select and add resources from/to your resource galleries in a nice graphical point-and-click methodology. It's one of the features I've been more excited about. We'll see what you think (XP style):

add resource into post
Adding Resources to a New Post

Additionally, on the right side you'll see a few nice options: custom post slug (to create nicer links to your posts), selectable calendar to mark date/time of publishing, post status, category select. With the exception of naming your own post slug, these are all required to be selected before you can preview, post, or edit your entries. As before, posts can be in multiple categories, and can be marked not only as draft, deleted, or published status but also plugins can add new custom post status if needed. Near the bottom, you'll see some returning selectable options (turning on comments and trackback/xmlrpc pings) as well as the option to set on-comment email notification on or off per post.

right menuother options
Options on the Right Side.

Once you've finished writing your post, you'll have the option to preview, save as draft and continue editting like Gmail, or post/update your posts. By far the coolest new feature is the on-the-fly preview generation, which now pops up in a new window. Saving and continuing is nice, allowing you to save portions of your post as you complete them without needing to worry about session timeouts or computer crashes. As before, you'll be returned to the posts listing after clicking "Blog this!" (different dependent on language, and changes also when editting as well).

publish bar
Blog this!

If selecting save draft and continue, or you have forgotten to fill out / select a required field, pLog will now notify you in a JavaScript message box. I remember that it used to be when you pressed the publish button and hadn't filled something, you'd usually lose all or most of the work in backtracking to fix the problem. As always, these messages are locale-specific; expect to read the errors in your own preferred language.

error messages
Preventative Error Checking

Well, I can't think of a single feature that I've missed in describing the new posting features currently in the development version. Not bad, huh? For next time, we'll take a brief look at templates / templating in pLog 1.0-beta. Hope you enjoyed it!
  1. Comment Praise and 1 Question

    This is all looking very good! My current favorite, Nucleus CMS, could use some of this functionality.

    Btw, why is this post not showing up on the front page yet? I can onlye access it through the 'arrow' back forward links on other article pages.

    Posted by Roel 21 Jan 2005, 08:18
  2. Comment No Subject


    we are running the latest and the greatest development version in this server so you'll probably notice things like this from time to time... Anyway, the article is now in the main page :)

    Posted by oscar 21 Jan 2005, 08:28
  3. Comment download?

    when Ill be able to download 1.0??

    Posted by diego 21 Jan 2005, 15:10
  4. Comment An idea ...

    One thing I particularly HATE when posting on my plog is when my admin session times out.

    Losing the text of the entry is pretty painfull.

    Would it be possible to automatically copy (like some kind of ctrl+c) the text of the entry when clicking on the "Blog this" button ?

    This would be really great if it could be done : you'd just need to log on to the admin again and paste the text you had written before !

    Can't wait to dl the 1.0, it looks just great!

    Posted by nico_p 24 Jan 2005, 15:22
  5. Comment Re: nico_p

    that's why you've now got the "save draft" button that will allow you to save a draft of your post without even reloading the "new post" page! Everything will happen automatically in the background. Just click the "save draft" button whenever you want to save a draft :)

    Posted by oscar 24 Jan 2005, 16:10
  6. Comment Ok, sounds great, but ...

    Will the "save draft" button be active if the session already timed out when using this button ?

    Posted by nico_p 24 Jan 2005, 20:46
  7. Comment that's a negative

    Unfortunately not nico_p. However, an autosave feature may be in the works (not planned, but possible).

    Posted by brad 24 Jan 2005, 22:28
  8. Comment Ok Brad

    I know you guys have already done a great job but if you add this last feature I am sure the 1.0 will be close to perfect.

    BTW : it must be quite easy to do for a javascript geek (unfortunately I am a newbie), two or three lines of code ...

    There's nothing worse than losing a post when clicking on "Blog this" because the session timed out.

    Sorry to have post this in the comments, I guess I should have used the forum :-|

    Posted by nico_p 25 Jan 2005, 09:35
  9. Comment No Subject

    nico_p, had the same problem.
    Now every time i am writing a longer blog entry, i open "new post" link in new tab (using firefox; new site - ctrl+click - in IE), so i "rewake" the session. Then i retype the title and copy/paste entry text to this new window from the old one where i presume the session has already expired.
    this way none of the data is lost, maybe a break (
    ) too much once in a while, but this can be fixed instantly. hope it helps, it only takes like 15 seconds of your time, but you can be sure it's ok.

    Posted by Klemen 25 Jan 2005, 21:53
  10. Comment No Subject

    oops, a real brake appeared when i typed the br code, lol. hope you got the point, im writing this in a hurry :)

    and to the developing team: you are doing a great job, we luv you all! keep up.

    Posted by Klemen 25 Jan 2005, 21:55
  11. Comment Test


    Posted by Ras 26 Jan 2005, 13:56
  12. Comment dsds

    iļl tels

    Posted by test 08 Feb 2005, 23:04
  13. Comment can't wait!

    I've just chanced upon pLog in my search for an easy to use (and administer) multi-page and multi-user blog, and the 1.0 release looks really exciting! Can't wait for it to be released!

    Posted by Syaman 19 Feb 2005, 13:05
  14. Comment Upgrade is crappy

    I upgraded my pLog 0.32 entirely as described in the Wiki. My pLog works fine, except for the admin section. All the "promised" submenu's look like crap, ergo they don't show up at all.
    I am using the Dutch version of it, maybe there could be the bug.
    It is impossible for me, as owner, to add templates, because of two major bugs: i can't get into the template-section (which worked fine under 0.32) and I am stuck with the templates that come with the 0.32 package.
    In Mozilla the admin section shows two of the same textblocks explaining how it all works, overlapping eachother and I can make jibberish out of it this way. The way the 0.32 admin worked was really okay and very simple, for both me and my users. Now they hardly can see what they are doing...
    The front-end runs fine, the admin section is a huge mess. I hope there is some solution, otherwise I have to tell the users that I am switching entirely to another Blog-system and completely forget about this one. And I do not want to do that, since this is the easiest blog on the web.

    Posted by Martin 17 Apr 2005, 14:16
  15. Comment Re: Martin


    there is no Dutch locale available for plog 1.0 and the old locale format is NOT compatible with the previous format so you've got two options:

    1) you remove the dutch locale and switch to English

    2) you help the project (since you like it) and provide us with an up-to-date version of the Dutch locale. 2-3h working on a translation is nothing compared to the huge effort that we made for this release.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Posted by oscar 17 Apr 2005, 15:17