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Beta testing pLog 1.0

After almost 8 months of intense work, pLog 1.0 is almost ready and now it's time to start the testing round period. The whole detalied testing plan can be found here, instructions on how to access our Subversion repository can be found here and you we also have instructions for new installations and upgrades. Please use the new forum for feedback and our bugtracking system for bug reports.

Please keep reading for a summary of the testing plan, how you can help, porting your old plugins and about translations of the new version.
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Testing Plan

Our initial estimation is that the testing period for pLog 1.0 will last until April but it all depends on how well (or worse!) things go. There are way too many changes in 1.0 and we will need as much time as we can get.

The testing round will be divided in two phases: phase 1 and phase 2. The differences between phase 1 and phase 2 are the scope of the testing efforts and how we are going to provide people interested in helping with releases:

  • Phase 1 will last for about 4-6 weeks starting today. During phase 1, the scope is reduced to only core features: posting, editing, users, and most important, the caching system and subdomains. Plugins, templates and the summary will not be tested during this phase.
  • During phase 1, the only way to get the code will be from our subversion repository. One good reason for doing so is that whenever a change or fix is made, it will be almost inmediately available for everyone and users will not have to wait until the next .tar.gz release.
  • Phase 2 will start after phase 1, until sometime in April (hopefully!) During phase 2 the testing scope will include all features and periodic releases will be made.

How to get the code

We are using Subversion as our source code management system and as already mentioned, during phase 1 this will be the only way to get the code. There are clear and precise instructions where to find the code in our new wiki, here.

Subversion is way easier and faster to use than CVS and it is available for a myriad of different platforms. There are command-line clients for command-line junkies and visual clients such as TortoiseSVN for those who prefer visual tools.

Installing or upgrading

The installer script (wizard.php) already supports clean installations or upgrades from pLog 0.3.x. There are instructions for a new installation here and (unfinished) upgrade instructions here. Even though the installation script has been thoroughly tested, it is recommented to make a backup of your old database before attemtping to upgrade.

Feedback and reporting bugs

We have created a new forum specially dedicated to discuss any issue related to testing pLog 1.0, but our bug tracking system is a much better place to leave bugs reports (but please make sure you're not reporting duplicated bugs!!)

What you can do

It is very important that you help us to test this new release. Despite being a beta release, it works quite well and has been working flawlessly in sites like this one or this one for a long time now, so it is quite ready despite its "beta" label. The best way to help is to install it or ugprade your 0.3.x-based installation and use it as your day-to-day blog.

There are also some bug reports where we would need more input such as this one, this one or this one. If you feel you've got some useful information, please leave us a comment there.

What you should not do (yet)

The English locale is ready but there still are a few screens that have not been designed (the first one you will notice is probably the "Dashboard" page) and that will probably add new strings so it is advisable to wait until phase 2 to start updating the locales.

Phase 1 is also not the right phase to test plugins or port your old plugins.

On behalf of the development team, thanks for helping!

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  1. Trackback Trackback: The state of current development
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    Posted by As said on, its a great time to be a webmaster. He makes some very good points as to why, but they all focus on the increasingly competitive online market. In my own experience, this couldn't be mor 30 Mar 2005, 21:57
  1. Comment No Subject

    Subversion requires some unfriendly stuff for me so I'll wait for phase 2.

    Posted by eBlog 30 Jan 2005, 00:48
  2. Comment can we get this...

    hi - i am looking for a multi - blog community app - this looks like at has alot of potential...

    is there any wat to get the 1.0 version in a package? it is not on the source forge site...

    i would really like to ge tthis up and running -

    i have spent the last 3 days trying out wordpress and have given up when i realised the MU version was along way from being used in an easy fashion...

    many thanks

    Posted by erv 30 Jan 2005, 02:22
  3. Comment re: sourceforge

    Hi erv, unfortunately not. There's been a decision made to only offer the non-packaged release in phase one of the beta testing. This is to ensure that every tester will have an up-to-the-minute copy of the code (including any bug fixes, etc).

    There's not much good of people reporting the a bug that's already been fixed! Regardless, it's an easy step to checkout the code from SVN -- simply read the linked wiki page, which has full instructions on how to access and download from pLog's SVN server.

    As far as a multi-blog-community software, pLog may be the thing you're looking for. Unfortunately, as a beta I wouldn't recommend that you try to use it to support a wide-scale community just yet, unless you're users are willing to work with pLog and help to debug any errors they might find. There are liable to be multiple changes to the code; there is no telling what may become outdated in a matter of days.

    Posted by brad 30 Jan 2005, 06:05
  4. Comment Ah, finally!

    The moment I have been waiting for; 1.0! Unfortunately, I don't have shell-access in my hosting so I cannot use those SVN/whatever-thingies, so I have to first get the files into my comp and then upload all those 900 files through my ftp. So far 2 hours and counting, I hope it's worth it ;)

    Posted by Merlac 30 Jan 2005, 14:52
  5. Comment pLog 1.0 package avial??

    hi is there a pLog 1.0 package available??

    i do not understand upw to get it with subversion repository

    many thnaks


    Posted by erv 30 Jan 2005, 22:23
  6. Comment sorry for the double post

    hi sorry for the double post --

    m,ost of my users are going to be non savvy web people

    i will need to make this as simple as possible for them to get the blogs up and running...

    i am pretty good with some php stuff and would be glad to help as i can...

    i quess i will try to figure out you to get this off the svn...


    Posted by erv 30 Jan 2005, 22:26
  7. Comment need a bit of help...

    ok guys htis is new to me - but i am willing to put in the effort - i think it is a good cause here...

    i have ssh access to my web server at root level

    how in the world to i use the "Most Linux distros come with the command-line Subversion client (svn) already installed"

    while i cah do some stuff with ssh to my config files - i have no idea what this is or how to use it...

    suggestions?? or Tutorials?? would be great

    thank you

    Posted by erv 30 Jan 2005, 22:43
  8. Comment ok i have the turtle thing in my xp machine... Password???

    hi guys i have the turtle thing working on my pc and i am to the piont to import the 1.0 files i - i use this link in the import window
    and i am being asked for a user an dpassword...

    what do i do??

    Posted by erv 30 Jan 2005, 23:08
  9. Comment Re: Password???

    Hi erv,

    Good to see you installed the client. You shouldn't need a password to checkout the code from I believe Tortoise is a shell extension for windows; just right click in the folder you want to checkout the code to and paste in the correct URL.

    This process may take awhile, so be patient. If that doesn't work, try checking out by http://www.plo... instead of from This should work as well.

    Posted by Brad 31 Jan 2005, 00:45
  10. Comment it is working>>!!!

    yes thank you - i was trying to "import"

    it is loading - i am leaving the office now - headed home, i hate to say it, to watch the "housewives"

    i will touch base tomorrow...


    Posted by erv99 31 Jan 2005, 01:33
  11. Comment Up and running

    I used the Turtle-thingie and FTP-client and finally got it all up and running. It all looks good and all, but still few things bother me, like where are the manual controls for comments? Anyway, great work!

    Posted by Merlac 31 Jan 2005, 07:52
  12. Comment Re: up and running

    what do you mean by "manual controls for comments"?

    Also one general comment: please use the forum for 1.0 beta testing for feedback and comments :)

    Posted by oscar 31 Jan 2005, 08:55
  13. Comment No Subject

    Sorry oscar, they were just hiding from me, took some time to find them behind the posts-page. I was hoping the comments could be edited as a whole, but now they have to be edited post-specificly. Now to the forum :) ->

    Posted by Merlac 31 Jan 2005, 21:12
  14. Comment No Subject

    So you CAN edit a single comment?
    For example if you post an article and you get a comment like "wow, that's a great idea! You might visit too :) Have fun!" you can delete the advertising part of the comment thru admin interface?
    Thanks for your replies.

    Posted by Klemen 23 Feb 2005, 17:34
  15. Comment dead link in documentation

    please fix the link in to It ist at the moment

    Posted by Andreas 26 Mar 2005, 11:09