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The situation regarding

Unfortunately all attemps to contact the registrar that now owns have been unsuccessul and it seems that they are not interested in even selling the domain. Usually this registrar sells expired domains through a Dutch auction system but strangely enough, is not available for sale. Our theory is that they are still cashing on in its popularity, since there still are thousands of links in google pointing to

It is difficult to understand how people can have such a hostile attitude towards a free project, a project made up of people who have devoted a lot of their own time to create a probably the best free blogging tool.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to update all your templates, articles and links pointing to so that in the next update of Google's index, the situation is reversed. Also, in case anybody has a better idea please let us know.

UPDATE: There is a translated version of this article in the Taiwanese pLog site, here.

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  1. Trackback Trackback: 目前的情況
    很不幸的,目前所有嘗試聯絡 域名擁有人的方法都失敗了,完全沒有得到任何的回應。看樣子,他們似乎並沒有興趣要販賣這個域名。通常這些網路域名的買賣者透過荷蘭式的拍賣
    Posted by 很不幸的,目前所有嘗試聯絡 域名擁有人的方法都失敗了,完全沒有得到任何的回應。看樣子,他們似乎並沒有興趣要販賣這個域名。通常這些網路域名的買賣者透過荷蘭式的拍賣 07 Feb 2005, 12:49
  1. Comment but how

    I don't get how you managed to lose the domain, actually.
    Who was its proprietary ?

    Posted by eBlog 06 Feb 2005, 21:57
  2. Comment :(

    It's a complicated situation, but the loss of the domain was my fault. Not 'stolen' per se, but a mismanagement of registrars + high fees to reactivate led to the loss of the domain.

    Posted by Brad 06 Feb 2005, 22:27
  3. Comment Changing links

    I'm sorry about the loss of the domain, some on internet are there just to show how stupid and dishonest people can be.
    A suggestion: Let us all that support this project write to the peoble that hijacked the domain and ask them to sell it at a reasonable price.
    But in the meanwhile, please make it easy for us instructing how to change the links to plogworld.o_g at the bottom of each template.

    Posted by Guillermo 06 Feb 2005, 22:59
  4. Comment plogword.***

    I say we tie them up to the rafters and hold a lighter to the bottom of their feet, meanwhile making them tell us how stealing things is bad.

    Or we may hafta contact Mr. Wolf. :)

    Posted by silex 07 Feb 2005, 05:44
  5. Comment No Subject

    I agee with the person above and a title for the e-mail could be something like 'Domain Hijacking is Yukky' or some such.
    Then we all send the e-mail at the same time on an agreed time and date. I was kinda surprised at first when OI saw it and at the end of the day this could be handled via 'Copy Right theft'. Technically 'PLOG' is yours and so is 'PLOGTWORLD', in the sence that plogworld relates to plog meaning technically 'The World of pLOG'.

    In this sence you do have recourse and can proove that there use is detrimental to plog and demeans your product. Even though plog is a free project it is technically still a product.
    What they are doing is not only 'Domain Hijacking' but also Domain Theft and copyright i fringement. As long as you can proove that you invented the name (Thought it up) and that it has allways been associated with your product.

    Anyway an investigation of shows that it is registered now to and there e-mail is

    Full Registra Details (
    Domain ID:D105474115-LROR
    Domain Name:PLOGWORLD.ORG
    Created On:22-Dec-2004 18:50:55 UTC
    Expiration Date:22-Dec-2005 18:50:55 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Transecute (India) Private Limited (R1305-LROR)
    Registrant ID:PIT
    Registrant In Trust
    Registrant Street1:43 Auriga
    Registrant City:Nepean
    Registrant State/Province:ON
    Registrant Postal Code:K2E7Y8
    Registrant Country:CA
    Registrant Phone:+1.6132211210

    Now thats looking to me that it is in india but further investigation shows that is in canada.

    registration details
    Registrant Inc.
    43 Auriga Drive, Nepean,
    On K2E 7Y8
    Ottawa, ON (CA)
    K2E 7Y8

    They are definately liable to copyright laws for one and also domain hijacking/theft. Interesting to note is they've been around awhile..

    Date Registered: 5/5/1995
    Date Modified: 5/4/2004
    Expiry Date: 5/6/2010

    So that says to me that these guy's are not ameteaurs but high end professionals and this has been done at upper Registra Level.. Thinks me is going to try kicking up a stink...heh heh heh...;)

    Posted by Nomad 07 Feb 2005, 15:52
  6. Comment No Subject

    For those using unix/linux here's a quick and dirty fix.

    perl -p -i -e 's/' `find . -name '*.php'`

    Posted by Mike 07 Feb 2005, 16:49
  7. Comment Expensive

    One problem with pursuing this as a copyright issue, is that even if you are in the right, your legal fees would easily cost thousands of dollars.

    Posted by Brain 08 Feb 2005, 02:40
  8. Comment No Subject

    The idea of just threatening them with copyright infringement sounds good and I agree that we might have a point, as long as the thing doesn't snowball and we end up in court. As a free project, we do not have the economic or the legal resources to get into litigation...

    It is clearly an abuse but unfortunately there is not much we can do :(

    Posted by oscar 08 Feb 2005, 07:23
  9. Comment No Subject

    I just stumbled across this site in search of an example of plog in action, and found the post above.

    About 2 years ago I had a domain taken over by these guys as well.

    I live in canada about 3 hrs drive away from where they're located.

    They're obviously using the Ultrasearch business model where they snap up expired domains and put up a PPC links or search page to take advantage of clickthru's. If that page gets any amount of traffic or clickthrus, I'm afraid you may be out of luck getting it from them.

    Suggestion: There is a software program out there called that gives you the ability to check all back links to a domain name and get all the details for each from registrars or about.html pages on those sites. Even though it's set up for a different purpose it should work for you.

    If you used that program to find all links pointing to plogworld.o*g and compiled emails into a database, you could mass mail everyone with instructions on how to change their links over to the .net version of your domain name.

    Just an idea, but it's a cheaper alternative than litigation, and it would also pull the rug out from under the new registrant of your domain. Killing two birds with one stone is always a good thing.

    Posted by Paul Short 10 Feb 2005, 01:45
  10. Comment i think

    I think it is because of this Plog so-called " fortune for money ".
    One has no thing that interests supported, if no group of people held the permanent one to promote , that does not really have future.
    Large-scale enterprise those can become big enterprise , have interests its combination.
    Now, " may " there is one kind the thing which endangered to their interests has appeared , certainly they do not support.

    Posted by 焦貓 10 Feb 2005, 03:34
  11. Comment No Subject


    Posted by l 11 Feb 2005, 01:09
  12. Comment Updating

    Luckily it's not that many pages to change.

    Posted by warza 11 Feb 2005, 11:54
  13. Comment why not change the name?

    such as Xlog .......

    Posted by minibird 16 Feb 2005, 14:06
  14. Comment no name chage

    It's taken a while to get our name recognized by the community so we're not going to change it now just like that...

    Posted by oscar 16 Feb 2005, 16:06
  15. Comment No Subject


    You might want to remove the link to on this page



    Posted by Damon 16 Feb 2005, 19:20
  16. Comment No Subject

    oops, meant Bradley, sorry.

    Posted by Damon 16 Feb 2005, 19:23
  17. Comment Have you registered the brand?

    At least in my country (Chile), if you are the legal owner of the brand "plog" or it's legally way to probe that you have the brand used for at least 2 years before the change or owner, it's possible get - by law- the current domain.
    Maybe it's a good idea, trying by this way.
    The nearest solution its change any kind of shortcut to in templates and current sites, so the traffic will going slow and slow, giving the idea to the current owner of a "bad bussiness" own the current domain.

    Good luck.!

    Posted by Francisco 18 Feb 2005, 04:57
  18. Comment Recourse

    I think it is horrible, what they have done to your efforts to promote a free product. We are an ICANN Accredited Registrar, so if you need help or some advice, then I would be happy to lend a hand. You have rights under the UDRP, and something like the ,could help. Please e-mail me if you would like pursue this further.

    Posted by Doktor 19 Feb 2005, 06:42
  19. Comment what about

    Suggest to use:

    As plogworld.* and plog.* are used .....

    Posted by btfans 23 Feb 2005, 10:47
  20. Comment wiki

    I just went to the plog wiki and found a link to .org on the homepage. I can't see where to get a user account to edit it (and can't edit without one), so I must leave it to somebody else to update.

    Posted by Ian 24 Feb 2005, 09:36