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The situation regarding

Unfortunately all attemps to contact the registrar that now owns have been unsuccessul and it seems that they are not interested in even selling the domain. Usually this registrar sells expired domains through a Dutch auction system but strangely enough, is not available for sale. Our theory is that they are still cashing on in its popularity, since there still are thousands of links in google pointing to

It is difficult to understand how people can have such a hostile attitude towards a free project, a project made up of people who have devoted a lot of their own time to create a probably the best free blogging tool.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to update all your templates, articles and links pointing to so that in the next update of Google's index, the situation is reversed. Also, in case anybody has a better idea please let us know.

UPDATE: There is a translated version of this article in the Taiwanese pLog site, here.

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  1. Trackback Trackback: 目前的情況
    很不幸的,目前所有嘗試聯絡 域名擁有人的方法都失敗了,完全沒有得到任何的回應。看樣子,他們似乎並沒有興趣要販賣這個域名。通常這些網路域名的買賣者透過荷蘭式的拍賣
    Posted by 很不幸的,目前所有嘗試聯絡 域名擁有人的方法都失敗了,完全沒有得到任何的回應。看樣子,他們似乎並沒有興趣要販賣這個域名。通常這些網路域名的買賣者透過荷蘭式的拍賣 07 Feb 2005, 12:49
  1. Comment I have emailed them

    I have told them they need to be hung up by thier feet and beaten to death, and have asked them how can they live with themselves.

    Posted by MR SMITH 02 Mar 2005, 04:29
  2. Comment No Subject

    There are still links to the right here on! Take a look, for example, at the links to ploogle on the post of:

    14 Jul, 2004 11:41

    At the very least this site itself should stop linking to them!

    Posted by edonnelly 13 Apr 2005, 22:25