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Beta testing phase 2: packages already available!

The good news today is that the beta testing round is moving forward to the second phase as outlined here, but first of all we would like to thank all the users who have helped us during phase one and we hope that things will proceed as smoothly as during phase one!

Please keep reading for more details or if you're in a hurry, get the base package from here, the templates package from here and the plugins package from here.

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This phase will last for about 4-5 weeks, and packages will be updated daily. The newest package will always be as in the links above, however the folder can be freely browsed and older snapshots can also be downloaded.

During this phase all the components of the final release are ready to be tested:

  • Core functionalities and features
  • Plugins
  • Template sets
  • The summary page

Other features that we would like to test a bit more is subdomains. Those interested can start by taking a look at the documentation concerning subdomains and leave a message in the forums to report failure or success.

Please use our bug-tracking system in order to report bugs, but please make sure that you have tested the issue in the newest package available, as it might have already been solved. For any other kind of issue, please use the pLog 1.0 Beta forum.

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  1. Comment Repository

    Can I still use the repository to get this update and all other updates?

    Posted by Eric 28 Feb 2005, 18:51
  2. Comment Re: Repository

    our svn repository is going nowehere so those of you who updated the code from there, should continue to do so. The only difference is that now we're also providing packages for those users who would like to help but who do not have the possibility to use svn.

    Posted by oscar 28 Feb 2005, 21:22
  3. Comment the templates package

    Thanks for making the packages available! Installed pLog 1.0 beta successfully and it looks good. But after downloading and extracting the templates package, I have no idea what to do with it and can't find any readme?


    Posted by sandman 01 Mar 2005, 12:29
  4. Comment re: templates package

    urgh nvm figured it out. had to ZIP the separate template directories and upload them separately via Control Center :)

    Posted by sandman 01 Mar 2005, 12:39
  5. Comment re: templates package

    another option would have been to upload everything to the templates/ folder, and then under Administration->New template->click the "scan templates" button to make plog scan the templates folder and automatically add any new templates that it can find.

    Posted by oscar 01 Mar 2005, 12:54
  6. Comment Plugins Status

    Hi all:

    Although Oscar packs all plugins under SVN to beta testing phase 2 package. But, I would like you know the all plugins porting status before you start to test

    Ported to 1.0 and UI complaint:

    Ported to 1.0 and Not UI Compliant:

    Not Ported to 1.0 yet:

    I would like to encurage all of you to test those ported plugins. About un-ported plugins, we still working on it. We will be very heppy to hear from any comments and help, especially if you can help us to port the rest plugins.

    Regards, Mark

    Posted by Mark 02 Mar 2005, 03:42
  7. Comment posting code

    We've had some problems with 0.3.2 posting code snippets, especially HTML which is interpreted and rendered (wrapping with PRE tags doesn't work). In 1.0 is there some way to indicate a segment of post text as "Code" so that it's not interpreted and rendered?

    Posted by Victor 05 Mar 2005, 20:25
  8. Comment Upgrade db failed

    I tried to upgrade from 0.3.2 to 1.0b and ran into problems with the db upgrade process. I ran the wizard and entered db connection details referencing my existing installation because I thought the wizard upgraded 0.3.2 tables for 1.0. Instead, I got an error:
    "Database Query was empty"
    In the process it killed my database but luckily i had just done a mysqldump of it.

    I'm running MySQL 3.23.55
    Am I upgrading incorrectly? Is there some kind of reference or README yet?


    Posted by Victor 05 Mar 2005, 23:00
  9. Comment Re: Upgrade db failed

    if the wizard detects some already existing settings in your config/, then it will start the upgrade process. If your config file is empty, it will start a *new* installation.

    You shoud upload all your files and once all the new files are in the server, then you should overwrite the stock version of config/ with the copy that you kept before the upload of the new files and start the wizard.php script.

    Please see the following document in the wiki:

    Posted by oscar 05 Mar 2005, 23:03
  10. Comment Selecting a Blog ...

    I'm looking for a blog to integrate into a content management system I'm developing (which, incidentally utilized HTMLarea) and am intrigued by your system. I'm hoping to find something similar to TypePad, and it looks like this may be it. Do you have some kind of tutorial available so that I can see how user-friendly your program is? Also, is there any way that I can preview your administrative area?

    I appreciate your help! Looks like you've created something great here ...

    Posted by Misty Williams 07 Mar 2005, 18:44
  11. Comment Re: Selecting a Blog ...

    this demo site is working:

    Posted by oscar 07 Mar 2005, 20:46
  12. Comment Installing plugins

    How does one install the plugins?

    Posted by joe 16 Mar 2005, 15:35