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A call to translators

PLog 1.0 is nearing its final release and it is about time to start working on new translations. So far, the only complete ones are English (en_UK), Chinese (both zh_TW and zh_CN) and Norwegian (no_NO). The French (fr_FR) translation is in test status although it is already included in the nightly snapshots. The Spanish (es_ES), Russian (ru_RU) and Catalan (ca_ES) locales are currently under work but they are not yet available.

The development team would like to see as many translations as possible in the final release so you've got still time! We are planning to have a final release around the beginning of April so that still gives us about 3 weeks left. Please see this post or this other post for more information on how to get your hands on the latest development version... Would you like to help us to pLog make one of the best blogging tools out there? What are you waiting for!? :)

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  1. Comment bulgarian translation

    i will make the BG language pack, just send me the english version at'm waiting for the 1.0 oficial release :)

    Posted by maskone 08 Mar 2005, 23:42
  2. Comment PT-BR

    I know a young guy who is working on a Portugese Brasil version. Will give him a shout on it. I can also see if any of the Translators at Firemonger(tm) are interested in helping out.
    We had a load of guy's come in and help out with that project so they may be into it.

    This something to do with how 'Locales' works? Is that right?
    Anyway I'll get back to you via the Forum.

    Posted by Nomad 10 Mar 2005, 02:35
  3. Comment test


    Posted by test 11 Mar 2005, 12:08
  4. Comment Polish translation

    I'll make the polish translation 4 script, i must have an english language file, so please send me it on: or

    Posted by dr_NO 13 Mar 2005, 01:22
  5. Comment Indonesian Translation

    I'm native speaker of Indonesian language, and willing to help you translate indonesian language for Plog.
    My website is, You can send related files to

    Posted by Sudirman 13 Mar 2005, 01:34
  6. Comment Portuguese Brazilian

    I'm the "young guy" who is working on the pt_BR
    translation. There is more than 80% translated. Just wait more a few days.
    Thank you.

    Posted by C R Zamana 13 Mar 2005, 16:33
  7. Comment German

    Just started with translating into german...

    Posted by AnD3rS 13 Mar 2005, 18:15
  8. Comment Dutch (NL)

    Hi -- if someone could send me the latest version at, I'll start the Dutch translation.

    Posted by Wacko 14 Mar 2005, 17:36
  9. Comment Catalan translation

    The catalan tranlation is finished and in testing-checking process in the context of pLog. We will submit in two or three days

    Posted by maurici rodon 15 Mar 2005, 18:52
  10. Comment Italian translation

    I would be glad to provide the Italian version. Please contact me at dariottolo AT yahoo DOT com

    Posted by dario 16 Mar 2005, 17:03
  11. Comment Just passing through

    ;) :D :) :-)

    Posted by Jamo 17 Mar 2005, 01:01
  12. Comment yeah me too

    just passing thru, checking out something on commenting functionality

    Posted by dave 21 Mar 2005, 04:15
  13. Comment Version

    what version

    Posted by BobGreen 20 Apr 2005, 17:12
  14. Comment Version

    what version

    Posted by BobGreeno 20 Apr 2005, 18:10
  15. Comment French translation

    I've noticed more than a few errors in french locale. If you wish I can correct them. jml

    Posted by jm llÚdos 24 Apr 2005, 14:54
  16. Comment Re: French translation

    Please, post a link to the corrected version in the localization forum.

    Posted by oscar 24 Apr 2005, 15:01
  17. Comment nl_NL

    I finished the Dutch translation yesterday. I'll review it over the next days and send it over.

    Posted by Marco van Oostende 25 Jul 2005, 06:24