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Biggest media group in Norway is using pLog

VG NettVerdens Gang (VG) - the biggest media group in Norway has decided to use pLog in VG Nett, the online presence of their daily newspaper. At the moment they are publishing in three blogs - Teknoisme, Spillblog and Oddleiv - about technology, video games and sports. There is an additional weblog, VG-Bloggen, where the journalists and editors can tell their opinions.

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  1. Comment Congratulations!

    Congratulations for all these succes!

    Posted by ivan 24 Jun 2005, 21:42
  2. Comment No Subject

    Big news for you! Also will start using plog from this week!

    Posted by Ayalon 25 Jun 2005, 10:53
  3. Comment The VG blogs are good blogs... the fact that they're using your blog system is really good advertisment for you. Me myself, a Norwegian, read nothing on VG but precisely these blogs! That's because VG generally is crap. But they are kinda' breaking boundaries -- no other Norwegian paper has anything similar to this. I love the blogs, and I think many other people share my opinion. This is good for you!

    Posted by Axel 08 Oct 2005, 22:45