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pLog in the media

Lockergnome - Your Top Technology Information Resource!With the headline "Why pLog is Better Than MovableType" you can read an awesome review of pLog comparing it to MovableType on Lockergnome. To read the full article, go here.

The German PHP Magazin has published an article with the headline "Blog software pLog scores additional successes". This article informs about the release of the new version of pLog in april in connection with the success story from Verdens Gang (links to the VG blogs included). This should give the German media groups new impulses to use pLog for their work. You can read the article here.

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  1. Comment Installation

    He forgot to mention that before installing plog1.0.1, the plog must be installed prior. otherwise the wizard will get confused and try to alter nonexistent db tables.

    Posted by boiboi 26 Jul 2005, 17:21
  2. Comment Re

    Plog beta, I meant.

    Posted by boiboi 26 Jul 2005, 17:22
  3. Comment Good


    Posted by Good 06 Aug 2005, 01:17