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Coolest pLog implementation ever

What do you get if you link an Asterisk PBX to a pLog blog? The answer is!

Even though Classcaster is not a public service (it is restricted to members of the CALI schools) we think it's really worth mentioning it here because of its potential for other applications. Users can call a certain phone number and posts are automatically published to a pLog blog via the XMLRPC interface, and there's even a demo blog for you to test.

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  1. Comment I'm trying to do that, but I am lost!!!


    That is exaclty what I want to do with my blog. The sign in area, the latest blog post from the blogs on the system, a list of most read articles and a list of most commented.

    How do you do all of that? I wish I knew PHP more... back to the drawing board!
    *goes back into his blog service and tries to do the same thing that Cali Class did*

    Posted by Phil 08 Oct 2005, 21:16
  2. Comment Allow sub domains

    You may notice, each blog is on a sub domain.
    This is in the pLog admin section...

    You can do either that, or change the "URLs" option in the admin page for custom formats.

    e.g. /blog/{blogname}
    Into /blog_{blogname}.php etc..
    This will work best if you have Apache's mod_rewrite

    Posted by Ghostnet 15 Oct 2005, 20:04
  3. Comment Easy start

    " How do you do all of that? I wish I knew PHP more "

    You don't have to know PHP ;)

    That's the beauty of templates...
    Just visit your "summary.php" page and you'll see why.
    Users can register or you can take out the register link in the /templates/summary/header.template file and enter users in manually.
    Everything is there right in the summary page for you to do this.

    Posted by Ghostnet 16 Oct 2005, 18:25