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LifeType 1.0.2

As a Christmas present from the development team to our beloved and loyal users, LifeType 1.0.2 has just been released and is already available from Keep reading for the installation release notes.
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LifeType 1.0.2 is a maintenance release that fixes most, if not all, of the issues found in LifeType 1.0 and 1.0.1. Even though most of the issues are not critical (please see the list below to see if any particular issue affects your current installation), it is a recommended upgrade for all users.

Packages are available via in .zip and in .tar.gz form. Also for the first time and because this had already been requested countless times, upgrade packages from 1.0.1 only are available. These packages include only the files that were changed or added from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2, so you can use those instead of the full packages. But remember that this package will not work if upgrading from 1.0 to 1.0.2!:

LifeType 1.0.2 (ZIP)
LifeType 1.0.2 (TAR.GZ)
LifeType 1.0.1-upgrade-1.0.2 (ZIP)
LifeType 1.0.1-upgrade-1.0.2 (TAR.GZ)

For those upgrading from 1.0 or 1.0.1, there is no need to run the wizard.php installer script again, just upload the files in the 1.0.2 packages and overwrite the old versions. For those of you installing pLog for the first time, please follow the instructions available in the wiki, and for those of you upgrading from 0.3.2, follow the upgrade instructions.

LifeType 1.0.2 also includes two new features: the possibilty to configure blog to skip the dashboard altogether and jump directly to the "new post" page and the possibilty to enable a CAPTCHA image in the registration process. These features are sort of hidden in LifeType 1.0.2. They cannot be enabled via the admin interface users will need to add an extra row to the plog_config table. The reason for this is that they have been backported from LifeType 1.1 (which is already under development) and we did not want to add new strings to the locale files because locale files are frozen during the whole lifetime of a LifeType version, including minor releases.

In order to skip the dashboard, use the following SQL query:

INSERT INTO plog_config(config_key,config_value,value_type) 
VALUES ('skip_dashboard','1',1);

In order to enable the CAPTCHA mechanism for registration, run the following SQL query:

INSERT INTO plog_config(config_key,config_value,value_type) 
VALUES ('use_captcha_auth','1',1);

Last but not least, this is a detailed list of all the issues that have been fixed in LifeType 1.0.2, with links to the original bug reports in our bug-tracking system:

  • 548: Error reporting messages on userSettings validation.
  • 541: time difference problem in daily archives ,monthly archives and calendar.
  • 522: Dates don't evaluate time offset
  • 556: Size of session data after a call to adminupdateblogaction > 65535 characters > 72kb
  • 559: A blog can appear twice if a user is the admin of a blog and at the same time, a normal user of the blog.
  • 551: New regular expresion for HttpUrlValidator
  • 581: Malicious javascript code could be inserted in the "name" field in comments
  • 568: Deleted blogs still appear in the dashboard.
  • 580: Per-blog quota limit not working fine.
  • 458: User Settings Password Update Problem
  • 602: HTTP caching doesn't follow template_cache_lifetime!
  • 570: Excessive long fields break layout in admin.php?op=editLinks
  • 589: 2 or more blogs with the same name cause ERRORS with personalized urls
  • 496: Regenerate Preview doesn't seem to work.
  • 606: RSS feed in the summary for "new blogs" and "most active blogs"
  • 658: Textfilter will remove some of the CSS style in the post
  • 666: Large resources will crash due to PHP memory limit
  • 671: pager in summary page does not work properly
  • 668: LifeType errors with PHP5
  • 678: RSS 2.0 feed cannot be validated by the feed validator
  • 661: allow users to skip the dashboard
  • 663: use a "CAPTCHA" image for the registration
  • 692: xmlrpc.php not escaping category names in metaWeblog.getCategories
  • 116: some pictures with EXIF data cannot be shown
  • 667: Headlines are not entitized
  • 484: Safari 1.3 and 2.0 cannot show the post preview anymore
  • 693: can't set album visibility on addalbum, can only edit status afterwards
  • 695: Wrong generation of thumbnails due to order of parameters in file galleryresources
  • 702: posts with titles with " character do not load correctly in Edit Post screen
  • 706: "welcome!" posts in blogs created via summary.php do not use the language that was selected during the registration process
  • 705: site admin setting only works for the first user
  • 650: resource center doesn't support wmv files
  • 205: The smallest font size for Simplified Chinese should be 12px
  • 773: Make clear that a trackback excerpt is an excerpt
  • 757: URL not correct after posting a comment
  • 721: Different amount of posts for certain rss categories
  • 740: log_## directories created with wrong permissions
  • 738: Timestamps saved incorrectly on "new post" if your server offset is non-zero
  • 733: pLog non-visual editor does not insert link properly
  • 719: Typo in modrewriterequestgenerator causing Error
  • 750: Add * after "Confirm password" on summary/registerstep1.template
  • 747: Updating user settings doesn't reset cache
  • 729: Update post action loses date in the form after a update error
  • 722: The date for RSS-Feeds needs to be RFC822-compilant, which isn't easy with plog

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  1. Comment nice

    Nice release.. in special bug 602 and 496. Thanks

    Posted by Robert 21 Dec 2005, 02:05
  2. Comment Thnx for the release

    Great. Installed it and it works fine. thnx.

    Posted by Jeroen 21 Dec 2005, 13:52