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LifeType 1.1-beta 2 released

The second beta of LifeType is out! Read on for the details.
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This second beta contains most of the issues reported during beta 1, and considering that there was a surprisingly low amount of issues reported durinb beta 1, this beta should be the last one we're going to need before declaring LifeType ready for public consumption.

Beta 2 can as always be found in the proect's Sourceforge page:

LifeType 1.1-beta2 (.tar.bz2)
LifeType 1.1-beta2 (.tar.gz)
LifeType 1.1-beta2 (.zip)

As with any other release, LifeType 1.1-beta2 is installed via wizard.php. Both new installations and upgrade from any 1.0.x release are supported. Just make sure not to overwrite your old config/ in case you're planning an upgrade.

During beta 1 we have also managed to port most of the template sets to support the new features available as well as most of the plugins. Be sure to check the template compatiblity list and the plugin compatiblity list in case your site depends on one of these plugins or templates. If it does, consider lending a hand to the project to help us complete the upgrading effort.

In the meantime, there are still about 2-3 weeks left to work on new locales for LifeType 1.1. So far the English, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Chinese (Taiwan) and Korean translations will be part of the final package while we know that the Polish and German locales are being worked on. If you can spare some time and provide us with updated locales, we would be eternally grateful.

During beta 2, snapshots of the code from Subversion, templates and plugins that have already been ported will still be generated daily. If you notice a problem with the beta, first make sure you can also reproduce it in the most recent snapshot and if so, please report it via our bug-tracking system at