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LifeType 1.1 available!

After a lot of hard work, LifeType has just been released and it is available to download from the project site at
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For the impatient ones, these are the download links:

LifeType 1.1 (.tar.bz2)
LifeType 1.1 (.tar.gz)
LifeType 1.1 (.zip)

LifeType packs a huge amount of new features and improvements and we hope you are as excited to take it for a ride as we are to release it.

LifeType 1.1 installs like any other LifeType release via wizard.php. Please take a look at the installation guide in the wiki in case you have any problems.

For those of you upgrading from LifeType 1.0.x, please see the upgrade guide. However before upgrading, please consider your customizations and if your site depends on any of the plugins that have not been upgraded to work with LifeType 1.1. During the beta testing rounds the project and some of its contributors managed to get all templates working and using some of the new features in LifeType 1.1, but only the most popular plugins were ported. If your site depends on any of these plugins, please consider helping the project.

Updated templates and plugins are available at the following locations:

LifeType 1.1 plugins
LifeType 1.1 templates

For those of you with customizations, there is some documentation that should help you upgrading customized installations. This documentation is still a work in progress and it is still being worked on.

Please use the forums to let us know of any problems with LifeType 1.1 and our bug tracking system to report any issues you might find.

  1. Comment Congrats!!!

    Congratulations to the team for this release!!

    Posted by Francesc 06 Sep 2006, 13:35
  2. Comment No Subject

    Great, I should have the update live by tomorrow. Thanks for the great work, there are many great improvements that make lifetype one of the most recommendable Blogging Applications out there!

    Posted by Phil 06 Sep 2006, 18:49
  3. Comment Yeah Baby!

    Woohoo! Nice work guys!

    Posted by Li An 06 Sep 2006, 19:55
  4. Comment YEAH!!!

    YEAH!!! Guys, I will be really nasty saying that I was thinking about dropping LT for WP, due to lack of news in 1.1 development... but WP doesn't really attract me, so after reading a lot of its documentation I came back to this page and... BIG SURPRISE! LT 1.1 is finally here!!!

    I read the feature list and now I simply KNOW I wont switch to WordPress! Never!

    LifeType Forever!!! Thanks, thanks, THANKS!

    Posted by Kermit 03 Oct 2006, 22:09
  5. Comment No Subject

    Awsome, Thanks, Love it!!!

    Posted by juju 24 Nov 2006, 22:00