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Help us shape LifeType 1.2!

Although you may have not even upgraded to LifeType 1.1, the development team is already busy thinking and planning LifeType 1.2.
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We would very much like to hear about your ideas and suggestions for the next major release. The development team has already compiled a tentative list of features in our roadmapin the wiki.

Since access to the wiki is restricted, please leave your feedback either here (as a comment) or in the LifeType 1.2 Development forum. Just keep in mind that while we will not be able to satisfy everyone, rest assured that will do as much as we can given our resources.

  1. Comment No Subject

    LDAP authentication and data collection for the register process... :-D

    I thought it was on the roadmap for 1.2, but I can see it over there...

    Posted by koji 26 Sep 2006, 08:40
  2. Comment Lack of documentation

    There is lack of documentation.

    Especially with regards to the definition of what the various categories mean. There are 3 different types/levels of categories but theres no real definition anywhere to say what they really do.

    Posted by VVV 28 Sep 2006, 00:28
  3. Comment I need ecommerence support

    I hope I have a shop in my blog.Maybe many bloggers have the same requirement.Do you plan to implement it in the future?

    Posted by tangsheng 13 Oct 2006, 14:01
  4. Comment plan to integrat zend search?

    I hope I can search all blogs via powerful search engine.So do you plan to integrate zend search engin?

    Posted by wuts 13 Oct 2006, 14:08
  5. Comment looking forward to the next version!

    life type is great, just hoping the major bugs in version 1.1 will be fixed in 1.2. keep up the good work!

    Posted by moneygod 16 Oct 2006, 18:38
  6. Comment Summary template generation tool

    A WYSIWYG generation tool for summary template it would help many of us to have different main pages of our blog.

    Posted by Crix 25 Nov 2006, 12:34