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LifeType 1.1.3 available

LifeType 1.1.3, the latest maintenance release of the 1.1 branch, is now available containing a handful of fixes.
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LifeType 1.1.3 mainly addresses issues in the registration process and fixes the 'save draft' functionality, which was broken as of LifeType 1.1.2. See below for the full list of issues fixed in this release.

Please consider upgrading as soon as possible, as LifeType up to release 1.1.2 contains an issue in the registration process where it is possible to fool the validation code and register user names and blogs with incorrect characters. If you are running a bigger site with free registration, this is an important issue.

As usual for the impatient, these are the download links:

LifeType 1.1.3 (.tar.bz2)
LifeType 1.1.3 (.tar.gz)
LifeType 1.1.3 (.zip)

If you are already running LifeType 1.1.2 and wish to upgrade to LifeType 1.1.3 in a short and easy way, these are the upgrade packages:


Needless to say, these packages can not be used to upgrade from 1.0.x, 1.1 or 1.1.1 to 1.1.3, but only from LifeType 1.1.2 to 1.1.3

If interested, this is the full list of issues fixed in this release:

1129: Validation of duplicate custom domains not working.
1131: Searching for resources not working in the summary page
1014: Disabled blogs showing up in the summary
969: Comment sort order
1132: The link to the medium preview is not correct when adding the resource to posts
1122: Slugs should use lower-case letters
1127: Save draft functionality not working
1125: When the bayesian filter is disabled in the administration interface, all features related to it should be disabled too.
1119: It is possible to fool the validation system during the registration process and register invalid usernames and blogs.
1113: Conflicts between blogs when the same user has more than one blog.
1117: Usernames should only use lower-case letters and numbers.

Please use the forums to let us know of any problems with LifeType 1.1.2 and our bug tracking system to report any issues you might find.