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Integrating LifeType using the API

Many people have so far successfully used the API to integrate LifeType and LifeType data in non-LifeType pages. Since the API may be a bit daunting for first timers, the development team has added some code snippets to the wiki that should help you achieve the most basic integration tasks.

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The code snippets are ready to be used and they cover pulling blog data into an external PHP page, pulling data from all blogs into an external page (as summary.php would do) and creating new users and blogs from other pages. The wiki page with the code is here: 

Although these code snippets are enough for a copy and paste job, it is advisable to be familiar with PHP and object-oriented programming beforehand in case problems arise or if you're interested in doing a bit more than what is provided. And for more information on the API, please check the online API documentation.