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LifeType 1.2-beta1 (updated)

The development team is proud to inform you that the first testing version of LifeType 1.2, labelled as "beta 1" has just been uploaded to UPDATED 06/02/2007 22:00 GMT: There was a missing folder in the downloadable packages, please download them again if had already done it and were  experiencing problems.

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Download and installation 

The new release contains a fairly extense list of improvements that can be found in the wiki under LifeType 1.2 Features, make sure to check it out. As with any major release, installation and upgrade is handled via wizard.php and there are no upgrade packages from 1.1.x to 1.2 so you will have to download and install one of the full downloadable packages:


Please make a backup copy of your data and templates and also make sure to read the installation and upgrade guides (specially the Data Changes section of the upgrade guide) before attempting to install LifeType.


This beta release does not contain plugins yet. Although most plugins from LifeType 1.1 should work without any changes in LifeType 1.2, some of them will not work. The development team has already ported most of the most popular plugins but at the moment they are only available from the project's Subversion repository and via the nightly snapshots available here.

If you are a plugin developer and you are interested in porting your plugins to LifeType 1.2, there already is some information describing which changes are necessary to get plugins working in the wiki: Porting plugins. There is also some information regarding the new core-level features available in LifeType 1.2 and that can be used by plugins such as the global plugin settings framework or the permissions framework.


As with plugins, no templates are provided for LifeType yet. Although all of them should work right away from LifeType 1.1 to LifeType 1.2, they will be missing some of the new features available in 1.2. Templates are also available from our Subversion repository and via the nightly snapshots available here.

As the release date comes closer, more templates will made available. However, the development team will not port all templates from LifeType 1.1 to LifeType 1.2 but only a group of 10 or 12, the ones we consider are the best ones. We will concentrate on polishing a small group of them so that we can offer a pleasant user experience out of the box rather than offering a great amount of subpar templates, which in the end harms the image of the project. 

In the meantime if you're interested in porting your template to LifeType 1.2 or even better, you're interested in helping the project to port some of the older templates, have a look at the provided documentation for updating templates.

How to help 

The first and most important way to help is by downloading this release and providing us with feedback. If you feel like doing some work, you can always help us in some other ways:

How to report issues and feedback

If you find an issue in this beta release, please make sure that you can also reproduce it by using the most recent snapshot available from here. The development team will keep providing daily snapshots with the most recent code, and it will save us all some time if you can make sure that the issue you just discovered is reproducible (or not) in the most recent build.

If the issue is real, please report it via our bug-tracking system. For any other kind of feedback, use the LifeType 1.2 forum.