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LifeType 1.2.1 available (UPDATED)

LifeType 1.2.1, the first maintenance release of the 1.2 branch has just been released. The list of issues addressed is pretty extensive, so please read on for more details. 

First things first, so here go the download links:

LifeType 1.2.1 (.tar.bz2)
LifeType 1.2.1 (.tar.gz)
LifeType 1.2.1 (.zip)

If upgrading from LifeType 1.2, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to update from LifeType 1.2 to LifeType 1.2.1 only. These packages can not be used to upgrade from 1.1.x to 1.2.1:


UPDATE 17-04-2007: The upgrade packages originally uploaded to were missing wizard.php, required as per the instructions below. New packages containing the missing file have been uploaded to

As an extraordinary situation, this time it will be necesary to run wizard.php in order to fix an issue regarding the transformation of thumbnails of images in the upgrade process of LifeType 1.2. The previews of image files whose extension was in upper case were not renamed accordingly. If you are upgrading from LifeType 1.2, please upload LifeType 1.2.1 to your server, run wizard.php and follow the instructions on the screen. If you are upgrading from LifeType 1.2 and are unsure whether you need to run wizard.php to upgrade to 1.2.1, please run it. The process that fixes this issue is harmless and will not do anything to your files if they are already correct.

LifeType 1.2.1 also addresses an important issue that only affects LifeType running in Windows servers whose system character set is double-byte (such as Chinese Windows systems running with Big5 as the encoding) As of LifeType 1.2.1 it is possible to configure LifeType to store uploaded files using their original name or using the LifeType 1.1 format: BlogID-FileID.ext. Wizard.php has also been modified to allow users to choose which option to use at installation time, although it can be changed later on in ther administration interface. For users of other character sets (like most western character sets), this is not an issue and no action is required.

Unfortunately, one major issue reported in LifeType 1.2 has not been fixed in LifeType 1.2.1: user data providers. Or in other words, user data providers are still broken in LifeType 1.2.1 and if your site depends on them, please do not upgrade until we can provide a fix for this situation. Unfortunately the problem is proving more complex than the development team originally estimated but our target is to get this sorted out in LifeType 1.2.2.

LifeType 1.2.1 also fixes several issues related to MySQL 5's strict mode, issues with the preview feature, and issues with permissions system. For those of you interested, this is the full list of issues fixed in this release:

1244: Article::getComments is not using internal _comments property.
1270: summary user picture has inconsistent div/img tag markup.
1253: Bug in wizard.php, files whose extension in upper case will not get converted to the new naming scheme when upgrading.
1252: Preview of a post fails when called a second time.
1255: TinyMCE removing the "rel" attribute from links.
1215: ./gallery/ is a hardcoded value.
1251: Error when inserting resource by a non-blog owner.
1243: Posts list is not visible.
1212: Allow basic formatting in the user and blog info.
1230: Problems when adding links or resources in TinyMCE.
1233: typo in the emailvalidator.
1204: Bulk editing of users and blogs.
1226, 1248: Smarty in Windows causing too many errors.
1219: Posting not working from within digg.
1269: Adding article categories via Ajax does not obey user permissions.
1266: User can add blog template set as the same name as site template.
1229: Can not upload a a File with Chinese filename under windows.
1245: Problems marking comments as spam.
1246: test mysql strict mode.
1249: Ambiguous Description of the "enable pull-down menu" feature.

Please use the forums to let us know of any problems with LifeType 1.2.1 and our bug tracking system to report any issues you might find.

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