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Problems with TinyMCE in Lifetype 1.2.3, hotfix and updated packages available

Those who upgraded to Lifetype 1.2.3 and who use Internet Explorer for their browsing needs, will have probably noticed by now that the TinyMCE editor used in the "New Post" and "Edit Post" page is... gone. Unfortunately a bug slipped in the code during the 1.2.3 development cycle, the bug went unnoticed during our testing and it was part of the final release. This issue also affected Safari but not Firefox.

Those who downloaded Lifetype 1.2.3 before the June, 11th at 22:00 GMT need the following hotfix. The hotfix has been tested and verified to work:

Just unzip the file into the root folder of your Lifetype installation, it should overwrite a bunch of .js files in the js/tinymce/plugins/ folder. Just to make sure, please reset your browser's cache before testing if it works.

If you downloaded Lifetype 1.2.3 after 22:00 GMT on the 11th of June, you do not need the hotfix above. The download packages have been patched and uploaded again to with the same version number:

LifeType 1.2.3 (.tar.bz2)

LifeType 1.2.3 (.tar.gz)

LifeType 1.2.3 (.zip)

The ugprade packages from Lifetype 1.2.2 have also been upgraded:

LifeType upgrade package from 1.2.2 (.tar.gz)

LifeType upgrade package from 1.2.2 (.zip)

We apologize for any problems this may have caused to you and your users. We will do our best to improve our pre-release testing processes from now on.

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