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Привет, русские пользователи Lifetype!

Since the very beginning, Lifetype has always been about diversity. First we had the Chinese speaking community, then the German speaking community and today we are happy to announce that we have got a new official community in our landscape, the Lifetype Russian community

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The centre of the new community will be which will provide their own localized news and activities. For Lifetype support in Russian, we have also created a Russian section in our support forums so that native Russian speakers can feel more comfortable when looking for help.

Communities don't grow alone, Lifetype needs you! If you feel that you can help the project, the Russian community (or any of the other regional communities), don't hesitate to drop us a message at or and we'll be have to listen to whatever you have got in mind! For now, let's warmly welcome our new Russian friends and hope they will have a great stay.