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Lifetype 1.2.5-beta available

We released a beta version of the newest bugfix release of the 1.2 branch, Lifetype 1.2.5.

We've upgraded TinyMCE to 2.1.2, worked out some annoying little issues related to using backslashes as part of post contents and fixed a few more minor issues, all to make Lifetype 1.2.5 an even more stable and fine release for our users.

A more detailed list of fixes and improvements will be provided when the final release is available, but in the meantime you can check the list in the project's bug tracker: go to the "view issues" section of our bug tracker and select "Fixed 1.2.5" as the filter.

Packages containing the full Lifetype 1.2.5-beta release are available by following the links below:

Lifetype 1.2.5-beta (.zip)

Lifetype 1.2.5-beta (.tar.gz)

Lifetype 1.2.5-beta (.tar.bz2)

If you're already running Lifetype 1.2.4, it is possible to upgrade using an incremental release:

Lifetype 1.2.5-beta upgrade package from Lifetype 1.2.4 (.zip)

Lifetype 1.2.5-beta upgrade package from Lifetype 1.2.4 (.tar.gz)

Please report any issues with this beta via the project's bug tracker, or feel free to discuss any topic in the project's forums.

If there are no major issues reported related to this release, a final release of Lifetype 1.2.5 will take place during the next few days. 

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