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LifeType 1.2.6 released

Lifetype 1.2.6 is the latest maintenance release of the 1.2 branch and though we said that 1.2.5 was "as rock-solid as it gets", there continued to be a number of improvements and at least one significant bug fix. There haven't been very many support requests on the forums and we attribute that to the success of the 1.2.5 release. This release just adds icing to the cake.


Official release notes


These are the links to the full LifeType 1.2.6 packages:

Lifetype 1.2.6 (.tar.bz2)

Lifetype 1.2.6 (.tar.gz)

Lifetype 1.2.6 (.zip)

If upgrading from Lifetype 1.2.5, there are packages available which only include new or modified files and will allow you to upgrade from Lifetype 1.2.5 only. These packages can not be used to upgrade from 1.1.x or 1.2 to 1.2.6:

Lifetype upgrade package from 1.2.5 (.tar.gz)

Lifetype upgrade package from 1.2.5 (.zip)


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  1. Comment Congrats

    Good to see LifeType still doing well. I've grabbed the latest release to play around with.

    Posted by Brad Liang 26 Jan 2008, 13:52
  2. Comment WOW!

    Great Job, its really "rock solide", I love it. I am building a little free Blogservice under and it is up and runnig fine Next i try to make some templates and of course they will be contributed here, if i will manage build them in the same quality as you do. I am shure thas this is what we all need next to make more and more people use Life Type.
    Thanks alot

    Posted by Matthias Klees 16 Feb 2008, 09:48