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Comprehensive Security Review on Lifetype 1.2

We are in the process of doing a comprehensive review and rework of our input validation framework for the upcoming 1.2.9 release. We advise you to not update directly from the 1.2 branch in our SVN repository as we may leave it in an unstable state for a couple of days. Please wait until we release 1.2.9 before you update again from the 1.2 branch.

If you don't know about Subversion (SVN) and usually upgrade your installation from released packages, you don't have to worry. We will announce the next realease as usual.

Thank you for your understanding and have fun!
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  1. Comment MMmmm..

    Any approximated date about the Lifetype 1.2.9 release?

    Posted by Oriol_e9g 22 Jun 2008, 18:03
  2. Comment No Subject

    I'd guess it is getting there. Two developers have gone over every file in the action and view directories. I just checked out the summary action and views directory yesterday, and I need to test the registration process. There are a couple more potential fixes that we need to talk about. The more people that can test it before release the better, so we don't have to have another release right away for an overlooked bug.

    Posted by Jon Daley 22 Jun 2008, 18:48