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News from the first LifeType Meeting in London
Excerpt: As we've already announced, the first LifeType meeting took place in London. Half of the team traveled from Finnland, Germany and Switzerland to London to have fun, drink beer and watch football/soccer. Oh well, and of course we discussed the future of...
Weblog: LifeType Development Journal
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參加第一次 LifeType 會議
Excerpt: 本文譯自官方網站發佈文章:Join the first LifeType Meeting!,由 lss 翻譯,若有疏漏,請指正,謝謝! 第一次正式的 LifeType 會議將於今年七月十日於英國倫敦舉行。如果你認為在現實生活中直接...
Weblog: LifeType 中文開發日誌
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Join the first LifeType Meeting!
Excerpt: The first official LifeType meeting takes place in London on the 10th of June. If you think it's cool to meet the LifeType team in real life, want to discuss your Ideas with them or just have a good time with bloggers, don't miss this opportunity. The...
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