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LifeType news
Excerpt: Long time no post here, but the LifeType team is working hard to get Version 1.1 out in a few month. We would be happy, if we got a lot of feedback of beta testers to release a fast, feature rich and very stable LifeType 1.1. You can get beta releases...
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LifeType 1.0.4
Excerpt: 原文意味は変わらないように注意したつもり。Hopefully the last maintenance release of the 1.0 branch, LifeType 1.0.4 is now available containing a fix for a cross-site scripting vulnerability recently reported.出来れば、1.0 ...
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LifeType 1.0.4 Sicherheitsupdate
Excerpt: Die vermutlich letzte Version der LifeType 1.0.x Serie schliesst eine Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) Lcke, welche alle bisherigen 1.0.x Versionen betrifft, und einige kleinere Fehler. Ein Upd
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Life Type 1.0.4
Excerpt: 本文譯自官方網站發佈文章: LifeType 1.0.4 ,由 lss 翻譯,若有疏漏,請指正,謝謝!LifeType 1.0 分支的最後一個維護更新版本, LifeType 1.0.4 已經發佈了。包括修復了一個最近回報的 XSS 漏洞。Li...
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