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pLog 系統升級到 1.0.2 beta
Excerpt: 如題. 剛剛把這個網誌系統升級到 plog-1.0.2-beta (詳見 pLog 1.0.2-beta available!). 如果有什麼使用上的問題,請回報一
Weblog: 自然計算實驗室
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pLog 1.0.2
Excerpt: Die Beta des Bugfix-Release 1.0.2 von pLog steht zum Download
Weblog: virtuatron::weblog
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pLog 1.0.2 测试版出台了
Excerpt: It's take its time, but the second bugfix release of the pLog 1.0.x series is now available. In case you were wondering, the reason why it took so long is because 1.0.2 was not as critical as 1.0.1, so we wanted to get as many bugfixes as possible befo
Weblog: plog简体中文推广网
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pLog 1.0.2 beta released
Excerpt: Once again thanks to major works from Oscar, Jon and Mark pLog 1.0.2 beta is out! Further readings you might be
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