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Trackbacks for article: "pLog 1.0 released!"

pLog 1.0
Excerpt: He actualizado el blog a la versin 1.0 de pLog, adems aprovecho para cambiarle un poco el diseo partiendo del t
Weblog: volumen de labios con guindillas
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Another trackback spam filter
Excerpt: Tokenize the trackback, and pass it through the bayesian spam filter that plog has built in. If the spam score is higher than the user specified threshold, then toss the trackback.
Weblog: Paul's Time Sink
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进入 pLog 1.0 的精彩世界
Excerpt: Thanks Gene! 昨天升级到 pLog 1.0,同时采用了一个新的th
Weblog: Data's Weblog
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Excerpt: Plog愚人節release了1.0版本,直到今天我才有時間來作更新動作,所以將升級全記錄作一個記載。把Plog升級至1.0版,升級過程還滿順利的,沒遇到太多的困難。不過新的介面還有點不太習慣
Weblog: 技術人部落 Technique Blog
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Much to say, so little time
Excerpt: I've been meaning to write something here for the last month or so but it's been quite difficult to find time for anything. My free time's been mostly used to work on pLog, up to the 1st of April trying to get the
Weblog: Oscar's road!
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Umstieg auf pLog 1.0
Excerpt: Nach viel heckmeck hab ichs nun endlich geschaft Version 1.0 von pLo
Weblog: Upfuck Stuff
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Upgrade to Plog 1.0
Excerpt: Plog 1.0 was released on April 1 as promised by the developers at I have upgra
Weblog: Hersey's Blog - Hey, Everyone Else Has One
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pLog 1.0 oficial
Excerpt: Casi un ao despus del lanzamiento de la versin 0.3.2 ayer se hizo oficial el lanzamiento de la versin 1.0. Esta versin, c
Weblog: Francesc Blog
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pLog 1.0 is out!
Excerpt: The latest and greatest weblog engine is out! I'll update my own weblog to version 1.0 this weekend, including a bugfixed ICE template (the one you see he
Weblog: Reto's Weblog
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pLog 1.0 released
Excerpt: The pLog team has launched pLog 1. Currently, this site uses pLog 0.3.2 - however, I will be fixing the templating and bugs on this site in the current ve
Weblog: The Monjo Blog
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