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Trackbacks for article: "pLog now called LifeType"

Plog changes it's name to Lifetype
Excerpt: Just went to the Plog home page and its in a pretty bad shape, however there is the following post: The formerly known as pLog project has decided to get a facelift including a new name, new imag
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pLog is now LifeType
Excerpt: At the same time, the team has redesigned the web site.
Weblog: Paul's Time Sink
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pLog becomes LifeType
Excerpt: The steadily growing popularity of pLog through out the last year made aware of the weblog project.
Weblog: Reto's Weblog
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pLog is dead, long life LifeType!
Excerpt: In case you haven't seen it: pLog now called LifeType. It was tough, but I would like to thank all of you who made this possible!
Weblog: Oscar's road!
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pLog jetzt LifeType
Excerpt: Wie der eine oder die andere bereits am URL erkannt haben wird verwende ich für mein Weblog die Software pLog. Zumindest bis vor kurzem. Es gab Probleme mit dem Namen "plog", der von Amazon als Handelsmarke in den USA besetzt war. Gl
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